Effortless Fashions With Head-Turning Flair

This season there’s no need to fret over seemingly impossible-to-achieve styles. The key is to make your look appear low-maintenance. A comfortable outfit with stylish trimmings, if done correctly, can be your best look yet.

“This season’s look is relaxed, feminine and flattering on just about everyone,” says Jennifer Kelly, the online fashion expert at Chikabuzz.com. “The goal is to make your style look effortless by mixing and matching the season’s hottest trends.” She offers this stress-free guide to looking fabulous this season:

• A Perfect Fit-To look your best, only wear properly-fitting clothes. Whether you’re a size 2 or a 22, buy what fits and ignore the “number” size. Remember, just because you can button it, doesn’t mean it fits.

• Room To Breathe-This season is about flowing fabric and soft movement. No super-tight styles here. To avoid looking frumpy, pair a full, flowing skirt with a top that features straight, tailored lines. Make sure you can’t fit two people in your tunic, but a little bit of room-that’s just perfect.

• Short Shorts-Who wears short shorts? Gals that are super fit or supermodels. Luckily, for the rest of us, gauchos and Bermuda shorts are once again a warm-weather favorite. “Shorts” that meet the knee are popping up everywhere. Dress ’em up with a sexy heel or dress them down with cute flip-flops…either way, they’re hot.

• Color Me Beautiful-Earthy tones are everywhere: beige, cream, yellow. To stay ultrahip, lace your favorite frock with brown accents. Keep it earthy, keep it cool.

• A Feminine Flair-A delicate ruffle here? An embroidered flower there? Lace? White crochet? Yes! Chances are that deep down, every woman has a touch of a “girly-girl” sitting pretty inside of her. Subtle reminders of femininity can be found on everything from thick belts to bohemian skirts.

• Can’t Forget The Accessories -The fastest way to turn a boring, old outfit into something fab is to pair it with some fun shoes and a big ol’ handbag. This season’s shoes? Heels with a peekaboo toe or funky wedge sandals. The bag? As long as it’s big, it’s ideal. Protect your eyes with oversized sunglasses.

• For The Boys-Okay, ladies, it may not be all about us. The men in your life should be looking fabulous, too. This season, suggest preppy polo shirts and plaid shorts. If you’ve got a “guy’s guy” on your hands, get him vintage T-shirts or leather flip-flops. Because after all, the better he looks, the better we look!

Bird Watching Or Birding?

Bird watching is a hobby which involves watching and tracking birds for pleasure or fun. The official term for this hobby is ornithology, although it is more commonly known as bird watching, or birding, depending on your location. However, I am lead to believe that there is more to this distinction than just geography.

The use of the shortened term birding was most commonly used originally in America, whereas in the UK it was referred to as bird watching. But in the UK a third term is also widely recognised to distinguish someone as a person who watches birds and that is twitching. However, there are now three different definitions widely accepted for the three different terms, those being that birding refers to someone who watches wild birds for pleasure, bird watching is for those amateurs who study birds but who do so for their own purposes and who are not professionals in the field, and that twitching is undertaken to compile a long list of all the wild birds which have ever been seen in a particular geographic location. For those among you who participate in this hobby, you should now be able to work out which specific type of bird watcher you are!

Typically speaking, the hobby of bird watching has not had a very good press. Often seen to be the hobby of the geek, it is little known that there are actually some celebrity fans who don their binoculars to look at birds of the feathered variety. Former US president Jimmy Carter enjoyed relaxing with nature while bird watching, as did former UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson. It is also a little known fact that Ian Fleming’s most famous creation, James Bond, was named after a famous ornithologist of the same name. Suddenly the hobby seems much cooler…..!

Amateur bird watchers have also been responsible for some impressive finds over the years. The spotting of a rare species has been known to cause many professionals to descend on an area and conservational work has been undertaken as a result of the discoveries.

Bird watching is incredibly popular and it is a great way for people to get out and explore nature first hand. The best time of day for bird watching is thought to be for the first few hours after the sun rises as it is when the birds are at their most hungry and so are more visible and slightly less wary. Bird watchers often situate themselves in a hide, which is usually an enclosed hut with small spaces to view outside, so they have a good view of the surrounding area but they are largely hidden from the birds, preventing them from scaring them off.

Billiard Table

A billiards table is a table on which you play billiards or simply pool. Regulation billiard tables or Pool are exact rectangles and has the playing surface that measures at least ten by five feet. You may see other tables that are smaller or bigger, but the standard table is ten feet long and five feet wide. When you play pool you will play games like eight ball, nine ball, one pocket, and so on. The name will usually imply the rules of the game. Like with eight ball, you don’t want to sink the ball until all of your colors have been hit in a pocket. If you sink the eight ball before your ready, you automatically lose the game.

When it comes to the pockets of the table, you will notice that there are six pockets. You have four corner pockets and two side pockets (one on each side). You may find that pool tables aren’t prefect rectangles, but come in many shapes. They are not the standard table and are custom made.

You will also notice that the table as rails or cushions. It might be rubber, but the purpose is to rebound balls without losing the energy of the ball. The surface itself is covered in felt. Under the felt is usually slate. The top of the pool table is one solid piece of slate that can weigh hundreds of pounds. The slate is usually an import from Italy, Brazil, or China. If you have a cheap table the surface will be made of Slatron which is basically wood. If you don’t go for the slate, you will most likely find your table wearing out easily.

People play pool for money and a billiard table is well worth your time, money and energy. If you notice, many professionals will practice daily in their home. A good pool table needs to be level though, when you are training for a tournament, people practice for all different types of levels so that they can be prepared for anything. People who aren’t professionals play for money too. Pool is the most often game that is played for money next to cards. People will lay their money on the pool table and then they will rack and play to the end.

Experienced players will be able to even call the pocket in which they are aiming for. If you call and miss, you look like a fool. Many people do not call their hits so that they can avoid the potential embarrassment as well as not lose any money over it.

Pool is a game that everyone can play and uses glass balls and wooden sticks. The object of eight ball is to place all of your balls in the pockets without getting any of your opponent’s balls in or sinking the eight or black ball. Once you have all your balls in and all you got is the eight ball you must sink the ball without scratching, if you scratch you will lose the game.

Ballet Dancewear

Many companies manufacture dance wear, costumes and fleece warm up clothing for professional ballet dancers and students of ballet. Ballet dancers usually wear either tights or leotards for comfortable body maneuver. The tights worn depend on the type of slippers that the dancer wears. They can be footed with an elastic strap at the foot that is hooked onto the heel. Tights can also be footless ending at the ankle. Ballet tights are made of nylon, micro fiber, fishnet and other materials. Tights come in a variety of colors, with the most popular being pink and black. Most dance schools require pink, footed tights for girls and black tights and white socks for boys. Brand names include Prima Soft, Danskin, Capezio and Mondor.

Leotards are available in a variety of designs and interesting fabrics like ribbed cotton and velvet. Some of the more popular styles include the double-strap or cross-strap camisoles by Capezio, Leo’s Dancewear and Motionwear.

There are no specific brands of shoes that schools require but many encourage that girls wear pink and boys wear black or white for ballet. Popular ballet manufacturers are Sansha, Bloch, Grisko, Capezio and Prima Soft. These companies have popular full-soled and split-soled shoes. Capezio sells leather Romeos, split-sole ballet shoes designed especially for men.

Ballet dancing instructors can be strict about accessories, but most allow short skirts to be worn during variation classes, but only at the instructor’s discretion. Some allow skirts that match your leotard, such as the Mirella collection that has skirts color coordinated to their leotard line. Some allow for creativity, and students can opt for the hand-dyed look of Watercolour skirts.

Fun accessories include unique dance bags and warm-ups. A popular style with girls and boys is the rip-stop nylon shoulder or messenger bags with cell-phone cases attached and bowling bags, along with the more traditional athletic bags. Jewelry is generally taboo, but girls are usually allowed to wear stud earrings.

10 Tips For Getting Started Ballroom Dancing

Learning to dance is fun and it is easy. In a sense it is like learning a new language, a language in which moods and emotions are expressed in movement; a language of rhythm, grace and harmony. It is new, but in a very real sense it is the oldest language in the world, for dancing is the oldest form of art.
Dancing is a wholesome, natural outlet for the emotions. It develops grace and poise, timing and balance. Men take pride in their ability to lead their partners with assurance and poise. Ladies enjoy the ability to follow their partners smoothly, expertly and correctly. The ability to dance develops personality, and above all—it is fun.
Taking dance lessons is a great way to improve your confidence, it is a way to get fit and did I mention they’re fun?
And It’s Easier Than You Think…
1. Do you want to, learn to dance professionally, learn to dance for pleasure? It is important to know what you want to achieve before you start.
Perhaps you want to learn to get fit, for a social occasion or to meet new friends. Plus if you know what you want to get out of it this helps your instructor.
Lots of people start with social dancing. Social dancing classes are great places to learn ballroom dancing. A small percentage of social dancers later find that their love of dance compels them to become competitive dancers. Social dances normally start with a one-hour dance lesson and it is normally possible to find weekly group dance lessons especially for beginners.
2. If you want to find out what is involved in dancing before you commit to lessons, or there are no good teachers locally, consider a dance video. You can watch it at your leisure, plus watch it as many times as you like to aid learning. A good video will help you practice once you start lessons.
3. Dancing provides great social benefits but also participating in ballroom dancing on a regular basis will produce significant mental and physical health benefits. Dancing is a great stress reliever. It builds confidence, alertness and good attitude. It also has been proven to have a great physical benefit as it physically tones the whole body in enjoyable exercise.
Dancing can be a fun way to lose weight and get into shape. Just check out the potential for burning calories – Burn 309 calories with just one hour of Ballet, Tap or Freestyle, 290 calories with Country Line Dancing or Swing and 193 calories with the Waltz.
4. When choosing a dance studio you want to choose one that is conveniently located to your home or work place. If you can get there easier you will keep going and repetition is the key to quick learning. Not sure if you want to learn? Some nightclubs or studios hold introductory lessons. A number of websites have a dance studio locator, so that you can find studios local to you.
In addition these sites have lots of free instructional material.
Check out a few different dance studios. Most dance studios will offer group and private lessons. Look for studios offering a mixture of the two. How many teachers do they have? Do they have an introductory offer?
You may also find ballroom dance classes at local colleges and many city or county recreational departments include ballroom dance classes. Some organizations such as the YWCA, Community Centers, Elks or Moose Lodges offer dance lessons to their members and guests.
5. Find out about the different dance styles before you start lessons and see which ones you want to learn. Plus you’ll be more knowledgeable about the style and rhythm of the different dances before you start classes.
6. Do you need a partner to start ballroom dancing? No. Lots of classes accept singles. If you already have a partner then you can have fun learning together.
7. Should you have private lessons or group classes? This depends on your preference and your budget. As a beginner you may prefer the privacy of individual tuition and certainly you will learn quicker, they can also be useful if you have missed some group classes and do not want to get left behind or you feel that you need extra tuition. However when starting out consider the social aspect of group learning which most people find stimulating, challenging and lots of fun. Group classes are also less expensive.
8. There are no special clothes for social dancing, except that they need to be comfortable and give you freedom to move. However for learning professional ballroom dancing you may find that exercise clothing is more appropriate, ask your instructor if you are unsure. When choosing shoes think about not only appearance but also comfort, support and protection.
9. Selecting your instructor is an important decision and you want to ensure that your instructor has professional qualifications. Obtain a copy of their resume for professional examinations and their experience in teaching beginners. The United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association will be able to advise you further.
10. Finally, just in case you didn’t get the message before – have fun! Learning a new skill can and should be fun, that way you’ll stick at it and before you know where you are you have mastered it!

9 Simple Tailgating Tips for Beginners that Will Make You Feel Like a Pro

Many people nowadays are getting interested in tailgating. If you haven’t tried ir and you want to throw a successful tailgating party that no one will ever forget, then this article is for you.
Here are 9 things you need to consider as a beginner in tailgating:

1. Before having a party, be sure that you have already packed up the things you need. Assess all the things you need like chairs, tables, trash bags and other things that you think you might need and pack them into your vehicle. Make sure also that you are ready with the foods that you will be bringing. You should learn the proper way of packing the foods. The last food to be packed must be the first one to use. Being prepared will ensure a smooth running tailgate party, an essential aspect for any party.
2. Checking the location where you are planning to do your tailgating should be done a day before you plan to party. Make sure that you have the correct space for a big party.
3. Filling up your propane tanks for cooking should be the one thing you should never forget. Do not just assume that it is full, instead you should go and check it out and see for yourself.
4. Separating your raw meats and your ready-to-eat foods and beverages should be observed. You should have a separate cooler for each of them in order to avoid bad smells and spoiling the food.
5. It is more advisable to the beginners to have freeze-bottled water or drinks to be use for cooling rather than putting loose ice. In this way, you can observe cleanliness and orderliness while tailgating. There will be no water scattering on the floor because of the loose and melted ice.
6. Fly flags, balloons or anything that can be use for recognition in order for your guests to have an easy way in locating you.
7. Food should always be ready so that anytime your guests or participants wants to eat, you are ready and you will not be panicking to cook to order.
8. After grilling, you should remove the ashes and keep them in a heavy-duty foil and dip them completely in water before allowing it to be placed in a container which is non-combustible in order to observe cleanliness.
9. Lastly, remember that after the party is over, you should clean up your own mess. Bring plenty of trash bags and recycling bags to be able to dispose all your garbage cans and bottles. Put everything in its proper places.
By doing all of these things, you can consider yourself as one of the pros in tailgating.

3 Popular Wreck Diving Sites in Britain

While the mention of scuba diving generally brings to mind the image of some exotic tropical dive locale, the United Kingdom has a number of exciting dive spots just waiting to be explored by divers like you. If you have no issues with cold water diving, the following destinations will leave you breathless. Or something like that…

One of the best dive sites in the U.K. is located in Scotland, in the Sound of Mull. The Sound of Mull is located between the Isle of Mull and the Morven Peninsula. It is an extremely popular destination for U.K. divers because it offers an unparalleled range of diving in very reasonable conditions. The area is cursed with bad weather, which has resulted in countless shipwrecks over the years. Most dives in the area are launched from Tobermory, Lochaline, or Oban. The Hispania is, by far, one of the most popular wrecks in the area, due to the fact that it is still relatively intact and awash in marine life. It is shallow enough to get a good long dive, and visibility is generally very good.

Another phenomenal dive spot is located on the south coast of England, in the waters of Sussex. The Alaunia, a steamship sunk by a German mine in 1916, is one of the more popular diving destinations on the south coast. Although the wreck is considerably broken up, there are still significant parts of the ship left intact. Be on the lookout for a series of portholes to help navigate the site. If you can manage to find the bridge area, you will undoubtedly be pleased to find the anchor still hanging from its chain. The size of the wreck is overwhelming to some degree, and it would take a few separate dives to explore the entire ship. Shoals of bib, spider crabs, and massive lobsters are sure to keep you entertained. See if you can spot a dead man’s fingers while you are down there.

Another extremely popular dive is located near Plymouth, where the wreck of the steamship Maine found its final resting place. It can be found approximately a mile off Bolt Head. It was highly noticeable for a number of years, as the masts of the ship broke the surface of the water. The wreck has since been cleared of its mast, with most of the debris swept to its port side. It rests in water that is approximately 30 meters deep. The ship was torpedoed in March of 1917 and, after a noble rescue effort, came to rest in waters within easy reach from Salcombe. While this would be an amazing exploration for any diver, it is not recommended for novice divers due to the strong current. There is a good representation of undersea life, and this destination is sure please anyone who visits.